What are the benefits of Standard Bookie Odds? Top 5 most standard bookmakers

The standard house bet is considered one of the tools to help players win easily. So in today’s market, where are the top places that often make accurate comments? If you are wondering about this problem, please take a few minutes to find the answer Hi 88 right here.

What is the standard house bet?

Standard house bet is one of those terms that is no longer unfamiliar to millions of longtime bettors. These are data including the names of the teams preparing to compete. Accompanied by numbers showing the correlation in strength between the two teams.

Look at these odds Like chairs, players can easily speculate which club is rated higher by the house. To establish standard bookmaker odds, the team of experts must go through many operations including statistics and analysis of historical results. Then consider the objective conditions of the field and temperature at the competition site.

Add a few factors related to the mental health and health of each player and then finalize the most accurate odds possible. Thanks to standard bookmakers’ odds, many bettors, despite not knowing clearly about the teams’ abilities, can still win.

In addition to helping players determine the exact result, the bookmaker’s odds also indicate how much money the winner will receive. Because next to each predicted score are specific bonus levels. Members multiply them by the amount they spent to bet and will immediately know the total profit after the end of the match.

Today’s leading standard bookmakers

Below are bookmakers that are highly appreciated by bettors not only for their extremely generous bonuses but also for their extremely standard odds.


789BET is a brand specializing in organizing leading standard bookies in the sports betting market in general and football in particular. Established in 2007, it is not difficult to understand that this place gathers hundreds of experts to evaluate super standard matches. All rates offered by this house must pass strict inspection and supervision by PAGCOR.

Therefore, for many years in a row, 789BET has been included in the rankings of the most transparent and quality betting organizers. That’s not to mention the bonus level here is usually 0.1 – 0.2 higher than the general market.

Immediately after the end of the competition between teams, the results and bonuses will be immediately added to the member’s account. And whether you are using a device running Android or iOS operating systems, you can withdraw money to your pocket within 5 – 10 minutes.


Jun88 is famous in the online betting industry because it always organizes many standard house bets for popular sports. Typical examples include volleyball, basketball, tennis and racing,…

Especially in Jun88’s soccer game catalog, there are many bets that are easy to play and make money quickly. Specifically, handicap bets, score bets, corner kick bets, red card bets, etc. Not only are there a variety of betting types, Jun88 also deploys dozens of promotions every day. The purpose is to motivate participants and help them have more capital to maintain a long-term game and win money evenly.


Even veteran betting experts must recognize New88’s undeniably standard bookie odds. Currently, this is one of the top places to update modern and trendy betting features. Just click to open the odds table, bettors will immediately see information related to the squad preparing to play.
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And when any adjustments appear on the board, the system will automatically notify members immediately. That way you can promptly change your previous decisions.


Hi88 is currently a bookmaker with a particularly large number of halls supplied to the market, which shows that the investment level of this brand is unquestionable. In addition, this name is also a partner of many big clubs in the world, notably Villarreal of La Liga.

As for internally, Hi88 has leading football experts to give you the most accurate assessments, attractive odds are continuously updated. It is expected that this bookmaker will soon be the most famous name in the sports betting world.

Why do statements fromHi88 Always accurate?

To decipher the question of why Hi88’s comments are extremely accurate, many experienced betting experts have discussed. They then concluded 3 reasons as follows.

House bets are objective

Usually, the standard bookmaker odds come fromHi88 will be announced about 2-3 weeks before the official competition date. But for many dramatic confrontations, it will be announced 2-3 months in advance. Announcing the odds so early gives bettors more time to collect data and analyze thoroughly.

During the waiting period until the match begins, if there are any new changes in the lineup, weather or tactics,… the house will consider and adjust those numbers appropriately to ensure accuracy. fair for all members. This is the reason why the bookies’ odds here are always very standard and closely follow reality.

Predict the correct house odds thanks to the tool

Hi88 is one of the leading brands in adding and upgrading modern but equally friendly betting utilities. The collection, statistics, and storage of match data are also performed by these advanced tools.

Therefore, the figures are always realistic and do not have errors of even 0.1%. Based on that accurate information store, experts can determine the correct bookie odds down to each number.

Comments made by experts

The great pride of the brand is the more than 10-year commitment of a team of experts who evaluate tournaments from large to small. Many people have collaborated here for more than 15, even nearly 20 years. Therefore, talking about the actual combat experience of these faces, they are all extremely experienced.

Not only do they master the knowledge related to each club, but those experts also know how to analyze it thoroughly. After that, members will be advised to choose standard bookies with high winning rates.

In addition, from the time the bet is placed until the reward is received, players are always supported by experts. At the same time, provide detailed instructions on how to analyze odds. Based on that, you can confidently analyze and make decisions when joining any other bookmaker, not just here.

Tips for 100% accurate house betting all year round

It is no coincidence that long-time members atHi88 earn tens of millions of dong regularly every month. That’s because they applied the tipsbet The bookmaker is standard but extremely simple as follows.

  • Find reputable bookmakers to participate in money betting. Absolutely do not rush to register as a member at places of unknown origin. Especially places that have not been recognized by gambling management organizations.
  • To limit risks, you should only bet money on standard bookies with stable rates and rewards that rarely change. Because matches always contain many surprises. Yet the bet has been adjusted many times, making it difficult to analyze and predict results.
  • When you want to update the bookmaker’s odds accurately, you should immediately contact the customer service staff for timely support. At the same time, do not place money through a strange link that you have never used before. This is a way to help you keep your account safe.
  • Even though the decision has been finalized, players should still visit the betting website regularly to see if there is anything new. It’s best to check in every 25 – 30 minutes to quickly grasp the score.

Finding the right bookie bet means being sure to win nearly 50%. The rest you just need to remember and apply the tips taught by Hi88 experts, you will definitely succeed. Wishing you happy entertainment, hard-earned money, and remember to watch the next shares from us!

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