Top 5 most reputable cockfighting bookmakers today in 2023

You are looking for an address Reputable cockfighting bookmaker? What are the top cockfighting bookmakers worth joining? It’s difficult to find the exact answer, isn’t it? Don’t worry, this article by BJ88 We will provide information about the top 5 most reputable online cockfighting bookmakers!

Learn about online cockfighting bookmakers

An online cockfighting bookmaker is a place where players participate in live cockfighting betting, originating from the folk cockfighting game – Cockfighting. This game is not only popular in Vietnam but also widely known around the world.

Players can easily bet on cockfighting online without having to go to cockfighting arenas. Not only will you enjoy dramatic, satisfying matches, but you will also have the opportunity to make money safely at Reputable cockfighting bookmaker.

Criteria for evaluating reputable cockfighting bookmakers

To choose a reputable house, you need to consider many different criteria. Below are some criteria to help players evaluate and choose top quality addresses.

Licensed to operate

First, one Reputable cockfighting bookmaker will be licensed by agencies or recognized by the world’s leading betting organizations. Large organizations often license the operation of game portals such as: First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation, in the Philippines.

Optimal betting experience

Normally, players will use a web browser or phone to participate in betting. However, 93% of players use phones. Therefore, user experience factors on the phone are extremely important to determine the reputation of the house. Carefulness and meticulousness in each play is a huge plus.

Absolute confidentiality of customer information

It can be said that customer information security is an extremely important factor affecting a player’s decision to choose a bookmaker.

One Reputable cockfighting bookmaker Need to ensure 100% of all customer transaction information is kept confidential. If any game portal has not been involved in information security scandals, please feel free to participate!

Quick deposit and withdrawal transactions

At the Reputable cockfighting bookmaker will give players a variety of deposit/withdrawal options. In particular, the deposit and withdrawal speed must be fast, because this greatly affects the player’s experience. In addition, it must also ensure accuracy and transparency.

Top 5 most reputable cockfighting bookmakers in 2023

The following is a summary of 5 Reputable cockfighting bookmaker highest quality, trusted by players in recent years.

Reputable cockfighting bookmaker BJ88

BJ88 is a cockfighting betting place headquartered in Costa Rica, sponsored by the government of this country. The house is always trying to develop and update new features to bring the best experience to players.


  • Have a legal operating license from the Costa Rican government.
  • Diverse types of attractive betting games.
  • Watch cockfighting live with stable connection and high image quality.
  • Deposit and withdrawal time is quick, in less than 15 minutes.


  • The house has only recently appeared on the market so it is not yet known to many players.


  • First deposit bonus from 20 – 100% value.
  • Gratitude for old VIP members with extremely “bargain” prices

M8Win cockfighting game portal

Reputable cockfighting bookmaker M8WIN was founded in 2010 and licensed to operate by the Philippine government. M8WIN in the cockfighting game hall also has other extremely interesting betting halls such as football and casino.
See : Đá gà BJ88


  • Diverse forms of betting.
  • The transmission speed is stable, no lag during watching cockfights.
  • Quick deposit/withdrawal transactions in just a few basic steps.


  • There is currently no mobile app on the phone.
  • Haven’t promoted advertising for the cockfighting game hall.


  • Bonus 100% deposit value every day.
  • Weekly bonus up to 5 – 8%.

Cockfighting betting address SV388

Bookmaker SV388 is among the top Reputable cockfighting bookmaker Currently, the second oldest in the live cockfighting market. SV388 was founded in Cambodia in 2006, with matches taking place every day from 12 – 5pm.


  • Extremely sharp image and video quality.
  • It only takes about 5 – 10 minutes to deposit/withdraw money.
  • Many Vietnamese players participated.
  • There is both a Mobile version on iOS and Android operating systems.


  • The live chat feature has not been integrated into the betting site.
  • Many websites pretend to be bookmaker SV388 in the betting market.

Outstanding promotions

  • First deposit bonus for new users up to 200% maximum up to 888,888 VND.
  • Deposit money every day, receive 1,888,000 VND immediately.

Quality bookmaker 78win

Reputable cockfighting bookmaker 78WIN has been present in the Vietnamese market for many years and is licensed to operate in the Philippines. Not only cockfighting, 78WIN also has many different forms of betting games such as lottery, lottery, sports betting,… extremely attractive.


  • Player information is secured based on modern technology.
  • The homepage interface is eye-catching and user-friendly.
  • Games are optimized to bring the best experience.
  • You don’t have to wait too long for the deposit and withdrawal process.


  • Websites and mobile apps often redirect to other websites, causing discomfort for players.


  • Get 100K immediately when downloading the Telegram application with the 78WIN app.
  • Highest revenue promotion for 78WIN members.
  • Promotional program for returning members.

Quality address UW88

Reputable cockfighting bookmakerUW88 is headquartered in Cambodia and fully certified as a quality playground. With more than 13 years of operation in this betting field, UW88 possesses a large fan base and professional service quality.


  • The interface is delicately designed, suitable for many different devices.
  • Technology to keep player information safe.
  • Diverse forms of payment such as e-wallets, QR codes, e-wallets, etc.
  • Professional, dedicated, international standard care staff.


  • Many virtual websites make it easy for users to be fooled.


  • Get 100% bonus on your first deposit card value.
  • Cashback every week for members up to 20%.
  • Receive countless incentives when becoming a VIP member.


The choice is oneReputable cockfighting bookmaker will be the key factor to help players win and make profits from bettingKnife cockfighting online.

Each bookmaker will have different advantages and disadvantages, so choose carefully to see which address is reputable and best suited to your needs.

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