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How To Pull Off An Eclectic Interior At Your Home?

Eclectic interior design aesthetic thrives on a bold yet harmonious fusion of different design approaches.  If you are a conservative individual, then combine close directions, such as Art Nouveau, boho, and minimalism. Eclecticism opens up a wide range of possibilities and allows you to combine stylistic directions of different eras. If your soul requires something bright, then try to combine, for example, modern and laconic high-tech with a bright ethnic style or art deco with oriental. Don’t be afraid to experiment and go eclectic! And being bold, eclectic design style isn’t tasteless. Here is our guide to eclectic interior design for beginners.

Origins Of Eclectic Interior Design

In translation from the Greek word “eklektikos”, the word “eclectic” can be translated as “selective” or “choosing the best”. The author of the term was the founder of the Ancient Greek philosophical school of eclecticism Potamon. However, it meant something other than an interior style. The concept of “selecting the best elements from different styles” found its way into interior design. Eclectic design style got its start in the late 19th century. It remained popular from about the 1830s to 1890s, then wasn’t popular, but later evolved over the years. Embracing creativity and diversity, this design approach has taken an eye on modern interior design.

Different Eclectic Interior Designs

The eclectic interior always incorporates different interior styles. Here are some of the most stunning mixed-look eclectic combinations to incorporate in your home:

  1. Boho minimalism (boho style + minimalism aesthetic principles).
  2. Eclectic minimalism (minimalism + eclectic elements).
  3. Glam eclectic (contemporary + minimalism + glamorous decor and furniture).
  4. Eclectic modern (modern +eclectic style approach).

Key Features Of Eclectic Interior Design Style

Since the style is a harmonious blend of disparate different styles, there are no common eclectic style guidebooks. However, there are some characteristic hallmarks of this design approach.

  1. Mix of different styles, patterns, and textures. In mixing styles, it should be remembered that all combining details should have some common features, for example, colors, and textures. Otherwise, the room will look like a dump.
  2. Unusual prints. Drawings should certainly be present in the design, they will help to refresh and revitalize the room.
  3. Diverse surfaces. Unusual elements give the style a special charm.
  4. Eye-catching decor. The statement decor elements emphasize originality and originality.
  5. Variety of shapes. Eclecticism allows you to combine straight strict lines and sharp angles with rounded details and even with complex shapes.

As a creative approach, the eclectic interior design style is perfect for adventurous and creative people who want their homes to reflect their personalities.

Tips On How To Get The Eclectic Look In Your Homespace

A fusion of colors and styles, the eclectic interior embraces creativity and individuality. To help you create this look, we’ve outlined some key design rules.

Create Eclectic Furnishing Combinations

Eclectic spaces often incorporate various furniture types of different styles, shapes, and even eras! For example, an antique round coffee table can harmonize with a designer leather round sofa. Or why not pair a modern computer table, where you gamble at

https://sports.woocasino.com/en-AU/promotions on your laptop, and a vintage armchair? In the bedroom, you can place a modern massive chest of drawers with bronze handles next to a large bed with wrought iron legs.

It is acceptable to mix different surfaces (glossy and matte), as well as different fabrics, for example, silk with linen. When mixing up pieces of furniture, remember that they should have a common denominator. For example, the color of the sofa can complement the color of the armchair and ground the entire space. You can also use wooden blinds to give the room a unique and cozy look. Your creatively curated interior can be bold, but it is important to mix all the items up in a harmonious way.

Experiment With Colors And Patterns

There are no restrictions, so you can safely use any of your favorite colors. Still, remember about the combination, otherwise the room will not look like a living space, but like a decorated storefront. Choose a paste color as the core background color. Deep and noble colors, such as burgundy, brown, and emerald can bring drama to your home space. Prints will not only be appropriate but also allow you to make the interior even more original. You can mix and match a variety of patterns like polka dots, tartan, and floral ones. Do not be afraid to go bold with them! And look for the seemingly opposing colors and patterns that strike a stunning visual balance.

Create Gallery Walls

Choose the neutral core color of the walls and decorate them with eye-catching individual interior items. If you want, you can also opt for bright-colored walls. For finishing you can use wallpaper, paint, tiles, or decorative plaster. And feel free to make the gallery wall reflect your personality.

Be Bold But Avoid The Clutter

The maximum number of styles to mix for an eclectic one is three. So, don’t combine too many styles, furniture, and decor items. Choose a dominating style (for example, minimalism), and a neutral backdrop as a base, and complement them with one or two opposing design styles and items.

Let your imagination create your eclectic design! Draw inspiration from our design ideas and go all out with eclecticism!

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