Things to Know About How to Play Extremely Exciting Tien Len Cards

Bai Tien Len is a popular game at most bookmakers today. Every playground has itnext Flexible betting experience for participants. How to play the card game Tien Tien It’s not too difficult, so many members are interested. Join New88 to learn more interesting information about this game through the following article.

What is advancement?

Tien Len is a form of card game that has been present in Vietnam for a long time. The game uses a deck of 52 cards, divided into 13 cards for each person to participate in the betting game. Each game will have 2 – 4 participants, everyone will do their best to run out of cards in hand as soon as possible.

Each region will have different ways to play with certain changes. Those who participate need to learn How to play Tien Tien card game according to each region. Bookmaker New88 is currently offering Tien Tien game according to Southern regulations. You can learn the rules of the game in the South through the information below.

Tien Len is widely popular in all parts of the country

How to play Tien Len card game at New88 playground

To be able to win, everyone must understand thoroughly How to play Tien Tien card game. The rules of this game that members should know clearly are as follows:

Each game will have a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 5 participants, each member will have 13 cards in hand. The hand will proceed clockwise, from the player with the 3 of spades in hand. Then continue until the player who runs out of cards in their hand first wins.

Participants will try to use their knowledge to play the most cards. You will prioritize playing odd cards to lure out your opponent’s cards. However, every member needs to learn the details How to play Tien Tien card game to understand clearly.If you have enough experience, you will easily win at this interesting game of New88.

Types of card combinations when playing progressive cards

After understanding clearly How to play Tien Tien card game Then you should know how to arrange the cards properly. This is the key to helping everyone win big. Let’s learn more about each arrangement through the following information.

Regular arrangement

With regular decks of cards, you arrange the cards in the following ways:

  • Odd cards: these are cards that cannot be combined with any other cards. An odd card will be blocked by cards of greater value, for example a 6 of hearts will block a 5 of diamonds.
  • Pair: 2 cards of equal value can be combined to form a pair. For example, you can arrange them into pairs of 5, pairs of 8, pairs of 10,…
  • Threes: players can arrange cards into 3 cards of the same value. Similar to above, triples will be blocked by triples of greater value.
  • Straight: this is a consecutive sequence of 3 or more cards, for example straight 5, 6, 7; halls 8, 9, 10;…

Special arrangement

In addition to the arrangements mentioned above, everyone can know How to play Tien Tien card game Arrange the special cards as follows:

  • Four of a kind: this is a combination of 4 cards of the same value and can block 2 or double 2.
  • 3 pairs of information / 4 pairs of information: is a collection of 3 – 4 pairs in a row together. 3 pairs of cards can cut 1 card two, 4 pairs of cards help you cut 2 cards 2.

These special arrangements will make it possible for players to receive bonuses immediately when blocking two cards. You should pay attention and observe to prioritize arranging these cards first.
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Cases of instant win when playing forward

When learning about How to play Tien Tien card game then you can see the cases of white wins. With the cards arranged as follows, you will be considered a winner without having to play:

  • Quarter 2
  • 6 pairs in a row
  • 5 pairs of pine trees combined together
  • 4 sets of three cards are arranged in a row
  • The Dragon Straight extends from card 3 to card Ace.

In this case, you will immediately receive the corresponding bonus when owning these decks. The player does not need to play any other cards and will win immediately. Only those who participate for a long time and have high luck will receive these winning decks.


Related information How to play Tien Tien card game was transmitted to everyone through the article. We hope that you can grasp this information and bet more easily. Quickly visit New88 to try participating in exciting betting.

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