What’s The Price Of A Logo Design? Exploring Logo Design Prices In 2024

Are you thinking of starting a new business? Well, you would need to have a logo designed (Logo Laten Ontwerpen) then. Why, you ask? To plaster it all over the place for people to recognize your brand.

To attach it to every social media post to get people to notice. To give your business a visual identity in short. But how much would a logo cost you? Well, that’s the most important question here!

So, without further ado, let’s explore the world of how to have your logo made (logo laten maken) and the price costs you need to bear for it.

How much did a logo cost to the big brands?

Any business cost you incur makes you compare it with big brands. It’s a habit entrepreneurs can’t get rid of.

And it makes sense to be honest. It gives you a good idea about the significance of a logo in brand-building. Checking the logo design price of big brands is a good exercise to average down.

So let’s check out some well-known brands and see the dough they shed to have a logo designed (Logo Laten Ontwerpen).

1. Nike

You have seen Nike’s Swoosh logo. We all have! Did you know it cost a meager $35 to design the logo back in 1971? Even if you adjust it for inflation, Nike really got it cheap and lucked out.

2. Google

It’s the biggest search engine in the world and their logo didn’t cost a dime! It’s hard to believe that a company that rules the web made a logo for free. Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founder, designed the first Google logo using GIMP (a design application).

3. BBC

The British public broadcaster’s logo looks simple but it cost a whopping $ 1.8 million. Be that as it may, the logo is one of the most recognized designs in the world.

Factors affecting the cost of a logo

The above examples show that logo designs price vary a lot. There’s no one fixed price for a good logo. As it turns out, a memorable logo is often made for free or comes really cheap. It also costs a fortune sometimes!

Here are the factors that affect the price of a logo:

  • Client needs: The perception of a logo is subjective, and a logo designer has to keep this in mind. Every client is different, and his needs are different. They may want a simple or complex design, and this affects the logo design costs.
  • Designer expertise: A designer with years of experience under his or her belt affects the logo price. If a designer has a great design portfolio, it’s likely to shoot up the price. On the other hand, an unknown designer may not be in a position to demand a higher price.
  • Agency reputation: Businesses know that their logo is their visual signature and a lot of them don’t want to leave things to chance. They engage reputed agencies to have a logo made (Logo Laten maken). Such businesses care about the optics more than the cost.
  • Project complexity: Not all projects deserve equal effort. A small business with a simple product or service may not feel the need to have a complex logo design with a wide color palette. The cost would vary as per the level of intricacy of the project.

Ways to get your logo designed

We have covered the logo prices of big brands and the factors that affect the cost of a logo so far. Let’s see how a logo design works in real life. Here are the common ways to have a logo designed (Logo Laten Ontwerpen):


You can of course design it yourself. With design tools like Adobe Illustrator or Canva, you can whip up a logo in no time. There are AI tools like Adobe Firefly where you can build a logo or personalized stationery with just a simple prompt! But you have to invest a significant amount of time learning these tools and there are still constraints. This works for businesses that operate on a shoestring budget.

Hire a freelancer

If you want your logo to look more professional, you can hire a freelance graphic designer. Several talented designers are looking for work. Designers who are hungry to prove themselves.

You can avail of their services by seeing their design portfolios from job portals and negotiating the price. Based on their experience in logo design, a freelancer may charge you anywhere between $300-$1000.

Engage an agency

DIY or freelancers may save you the expense. But relying on them is a gamble.  It’s better to hire an agency instead. If you’re a serious business who wants to announce their presence, you need the best people working for you.

It makes sense to let professionals handle it if you want your logo to be really attractive and memorable. Granted, taking this route may lead you to shed more money, but the results often speak for itself.

Key Takeaway

Only time will tell whether a logo becomes memorable or not. You have no control over it. But you can choose to have your logo made (logo laten maken) meaningfully by a professional who gets to design it. If you really want a logo that resonates with people, you should give the design task to someone who knows their stuff. The amount spent on logo design price would be worth it if you let a professional agency handle it.

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