What is throwing in cricket?

Cricket has a whole dictionary dedicated to the many terms that appear during its matches. By the way, cricket events can also offer great wagering opportunities, and at https://www.1xbet.pk/ you can take advantage of the best of them too.

A concept of this kind that is worth discussing is throwing, also known as “chucking”. It’s one of those topics that becomes the main topic of discussion if it appears on a match. Therefore, it is a good idea to review it in more detail. Many different occurrences that happen during cricket matches can be wagered by going to the 1xBet platform.

Keeping the arm in the correct position

Basically, chucking in cricket is when a bowler does a no-no with their bowling action. The rulebook says that when you’re bowling, your arm should stay pretty much straight from the moment it goes up in the air until the ball flies out of your hand. Currently there is a great cricket bet line available on 1xBet, which can reward you when placing wagers on all sorts of things that happen in this sport.

Why is it so important to keep the arm straight? Well, it’s all about keeping the game on the level. If bowlers started bending their arm and then straightening it to hurl the ball, they might as well be throwing fastballs in baseball, and that’s a whole different game. A cricket bet line is available on 1xBet, and here you can also place wagers on what bowlers do on the field too.

15 decisive degrees

Now, the magic number in all of this is 15 degrees. The International Cricket Council decided that your arm can bend but only a little bit, up to 15 degrees, while you’re delivering the ball. In addition to wagering on cricket deliveries, you can also wager on any vitual sport on 1xbet.pk/virtualsports, where great possibilities can be found too.

There are 3 main aspects that surround those 15 degrees, which include:

  • this number isn’t arbitrary;
  • instead, plenty of biomechanical studies showed that bowlers tend to bend their arm by 15 degrees when delivering as naturally as possible;
  • overall, some bending is okay, but as long as it isn’t excessive.

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Catching someone chucking during a live game is super tricky. Imagine trying to spot whether someone’s arm is bending too much when the ball is zooming at around 90 mph or 150 kph. That’s why if the umpires think something’s fishy, they can report the player. Then, it’s like a full investigation begins that examines the action of the bowler, which includes biomechanical analysis to see if the player’s action is legit or not.

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