What is the Four Colors Lesson? Experience of Winning from the First Game

Four-Color is the name that many young people are looking for today. This game belongs to the card game series but the gameplay is very different. To be able to win easily, invite your friends along New88 Please read the article below!

What is the Four-Color card game?

Game  Four-Color is a game that originated in China and has been popular in Vietnam since our ancestors’ time. In our country, the  Four-Color card game is played the most in the Central and Southern regions. The North is not so popular.

When participating in this game, you will see that it is not only entertaining but also shows the level of intelligence of the participants. To play this game well, you need to have a lot of card playing talent.

Actually, it is not like other card games, so playing it will not be easy for those who know it for the first time. From the rules of the game, how to play, and basic terms, everything is very new

Instructing you how to play the most basic four colors card game

In one game Four-Color will allow a maximum of 2 to 4 participants. However, the best number of people to fit into one table is 4 people. Each player at the table will be dealt 21 cards, the rest will be left in the center of the table.

The leader will be the one to start playing first. This person must throw down one of his 21 cards, that card is called the card. The next person is allowed to take cards if there is a valid group of cards. In case you cannot eat it, you must pick 1 leaf from the middle.

After drawing more cards, if you still don’t win, you will lose your turn. For those who win the card, they will have to throw away a waste card from the card and continue the game.

However, according to the rules of this game, people who do not have a turn can still win. Then the next turn will go to this person and the game continues from that person.

The winning result will be for the player who does not have 1 trash card left in the hand. If after each turn there are exactly 7 venom cards left, the game will be a draw, meaning no one wins and no one loses.

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Experience playing  Four-Color card game and win right from the first game

To play the game  Four-Color fluently, players need to grasp the experiences shared in detail below.

Remember the names of the cards clearly before placing bets

The deck of cards used to play four colors is very different from our 52-card deck. Because it was imported from China, the reading will also be different and more difficult to remember. When playing cards, players need to clearly remember the sides of the cards and their names.

This deck will have 112 cards and be divided into 28 types, each type will have 4 cards. The game attracts many participants because of its eye-catching colors, the four main colors of the card: Blue, red, yellow, white. These cards will correspond to different ranks such asGeneral, Statue, Rat, Soldier, Horse, Chariot, Cannon.

Players must pay attention to white and blue cards because many people get confused in these two colors. Although it is a bit special and difficult to remember compared to other card games, if you get used to playing it, you will quickly remember all the cards and find it interesting.right Stop.

Firmly grasp the main groups of articles

When participating in the game to quickly win, you must know how to create groups of cards that match the available rules of the game. For example, some groups of articles are as follows:

  • The group of cards has 1 hero card.
  • Set of 4 cards of the same color and rank.
  • The set has 3 cards of the same color and rank.
  • The set has 2 cards of the same color and rank.
  • A group of cards has 3 or 4 mouse cards of the same color.
  • Group of three generals, statues, and monks have the same color.
  • Group of 3 cars, codes, and colors of the same color

In addition to the common groups of cards above, there are many other diverse groups of cards. Because there are so many, even experts who have played for a long time cannot remember them all, so you can make your own variations when you encounter those groups of cards and handle them in the most reasonable way.

The 7 groups of cards we just shared in detail above are very necessary when participating in betting. You just need to grasp them to be able to greatly increase your winning rate. It sounds complicated, but after trying to play 1-2 games you will get used to this game immediately.

Playing experience Four-Color New88 has shared above and hopes that you will be able to apply it in the most convenient and simple way. These are all ways of playing that are most recommended by many veteran card game experts because they have a very high winning rate. To be able to experience and participate in betting on this exciting card game, register for a  New88 https://new889.blue/ account today.

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