The Best Business Development Teams in Tech

Technology advancement isn’t possible without strong business teams. After all, solid business development makes it easier to look at trends and prioritize innovation. It can help companies create new products or enhance existing ones. Here are some of the top development teams in the tech world now.

Andreessen Horowitz

Andreessen Horowitz is a venture capital firm created in 2009. The company was formed by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz. It also goes by the name (a16z). They stand out for their diverse portfolio of companies that share the common thread of likely having a significant impact on the future. They are focusing on making AI products more fun and accessible for customers. The company works to build relationships across sections ranging from SaaS to semiconductors to consumer electronics, etc.

You likely use many of the companies this venture capital firm has invested in. One of their top investments has been Airbnb. When it comes to online team collaboration and communication, their investment in Slack has helped change how remote teams operate. Whenever you don’t feel like using an Uber, you can thank their investment in Lyft, the other ride-sharing company also used worldwide.

What makes them stand out as a strong business development team is the approach to company support. In addition to $1 million in funding, they help startups with network introductions. They work with their investees at different stages and help them scale existing products. They created a well-regarded and useful founder community responsible for keeping other startup peers connected. In other words, people who would normally be competitors can view themselves more as colleagues who help each other. They help connect these people with CEOs in the later stage of their careers who are more eager to be advisors. 

Polygon Labs

Polygon Labs has gained recognition for the dynamic ecosystem they’ve created. Much like Andreeseen Horovitz, they also have a vibrant community that people rely on. According to Polygon Technology, their treasury includes over 1.9 billion MATIC tokens. Scalable Solutions has made it easier to upgrade Ethereum’s capabilities while maintaining financial and data security. They also made sure Uniswap is on Polygon

The company has also earned praise for how they have been able to consolidate and adapt various business units. Regarding their business management teams, their DeFi team is ranked among the best.

Y Combinator

Early startups that have come under the wing of Y Combinator have benefited from more than just money. Since it’s so exclusive, being accepted by them already puts a start-up ahead of the game. Their business management understands the importance of connecting young companies with other experienced investors and entrepreneurs. They form alumni communities, networking events, and other opportunities so young companies under their umbrella gain as much exposure as possible. These companies benefit from $500,000 in support, which can easily turn into more financial support in the long run because of Y Combinator’s business management and connections with prominent networks in the tech realm, particularly Silicon Valley.


What makes Cisco’s team stand out is its range of business sectors. The company successfully managed solutions for video conferences, analytics, hardware, and equipment. Their business management also prides itself on its diverse workforce, which doesn’t go without recognition. They also encourage personal growth with their staff with various events and travel opportunities to connect with others. They have formed alliances, made acquisitions, and made strategic investments across the board. As a result, they’ve been able to build their reputation and acquire some of the top talent in the industry.

Technological advancement would be hard to achieve without a solid business team. These companies understand why business management is essential for innovation, advancement, and obtaining and supporting talent. Thanks to their range of business development skills, you can expect to see these companies continue to make technological advances for years to come.

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