Tactics of Shooting Fish in Schools to Reap Huge Profits

In the exciting world of fish shooting games, the application of tactics Shoot fish in groups is a playing style that optimizes the chance of winning and is applied by many fishermen. Please follow the article below to learn the most useful tips for killing fish!
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What does the trick of shooting fish in groups mean?

Style play Shoot fish in groups In fish hunting games, it is a special and smart strategy that players use to optimize shooting performance and increase their chances of winning bigger. Gamers will focus on shooting fish of the same species or groups of fish of similar value in a short time, to create explosive effects and destroy multiple targets at the same time.

When the bullets hit the target fish, they create an explosive effect. This effect can damage the surrounding area, causing multiple fish to be shot at the same time. This can create a viral effect, helping shooters earn high scores and big bonuses.

Advantages of playing fish shooting in groups

Apply gameplayShoot fish in groups Fish shooting game brings many outstanding advantages, helping players optimize their chances of winning big as follows:

Increases the advantage of quickly destroying sea monsters

Tactical goals Shoot fish in groups is to focus on shooting a particular type of fish or a group of fish of equivalent value. By creating viral and explosive effects, gamers can destroy many fish at the same time to shorten the time to accumulate points and earn larger bonuses.

Risk reduction

This unique strategy helps minimize risks in the game, because by prioritizing shooting high-value fish, members will have a chance to earn higher bonuses and avoid the risk of spending a large amount of bullets without gaining profit. profit.

Create viral effects

Different from single fish shooting Shoot fish in groups capable of creating a ripple effect, where one exploding fish causes another explosive chain reaction. This creates the opportunity to continuously destroy a series of sea creatures, bringing high scores and huge bonuses.

Create engagement

In the multi-player fish shooting game, use tricks Shoot fish in groups will promote solidarity among teammates during the shooting session, because shooters can assist each other in destroying the same target to improve total achievements.

Interesting and stimulating

The application of gameplay Shoot fish in groups always been popular with gamers New88 Popularity. With colorful fish, beautiful seas, surreal graphics, vivid explosive effects… it will definitely defeat the feeling of boredom and bring players true joy.

Useful tips when shooting fish in groups to easily win big

Shoot fish in groups is a smart tactic and if you want to increase your profits, follow these great tips below:

Focus on fish that have a high bonus value

Identify and prioritize focusing on shooting at high-value fish. These fish often bring big scores and bonuses. Create an explosive effect by shooting multiple fish of the same type.

Choose the right weapon

New recruits should carefully consider choosing weapons to ensure they are suitable for the goals you have determined. Using a powerful gun or high-explosive bomb can satisfy the need to destroy high-value fish effectively and quickly. Depending on the specific situation, the gunner needs to be alert in choosing the appropriate weapon to optimize the ability to capture all the bonuses in the game.
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Practice with the demo feature

DealerNew88 Provides a feature that allows new players to test for free before deciding to bet money to hunt real fish. This is a great opportunity for new players to get acquainted with the game, learn how it works and accumulate strategies without having to invest money.

Collaborate with teammates

In multiplayer mode, consider teaming up with teammates present during the fish shooting session to focus on shooting at the same target. Plan together and maintain regular communication to ensure you’re taking advantage of every opportunity to optimize your playing performance.

Special notes when playing fish shooting from experts

When participating in the fish hunting battle, new players should note the following points for the best gaming experience:

  • Choose targets wisely: Choose targets that you can destroy quickly or that have high value in the game. Avoid destroying small and less valuable fish when they do not bring great benefits.
  • Use support items wisely: Explosive bombs, powerful guns or other support items can help members create a spreading effect and kill many fish at the same time. Use them wisely to optimize playing performance.
  • Manage bullets strategically: An equally important note is that new recruits must have the skills to manage the amount of bullets effectively. Don’t waste ammo by shooting continuously without calculation.
  • Watch for exploding fish: When a fish explodes, it will cause a ripple effect and explode other fish around it. Gunners need to be very sharp-eyed and quickly take advantage of explosive effects to destroy as many fish as possible.


In the fish hunting game, strategy Shoot fish in groups is a strategic method that requires focus and patience. But if applied skillfully, it can bring impressive profits to players. Through the above article, New88 We hope readers have accumulated certain experiences for themselves, so that they can always have sublime moments when immersing themselves in the adventure of the vast ocean world!

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