Staying Safe – Precautions When Buying gas hot water systems online

Installing an efficient gas hot water system in your home provides reliable and economical hot water for all your needs. With an enticing range of brands and deals on gas water heaters available online these days, buying gas hot water systems online for convenient home delivery saves the hassle of in-store shopping. 

However, as per experts in the field like Same Day Hot Water Service, gas appliances also come with risks that require diligence. Leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning are potential dangers if your unit is faulty or improperly installed. When buying gas hot water heaters on the internet without the ability to inspect the item yourself first, you must take steps to ensure safety.

Here are key precautions to take when purchasing gas water heater systems online for peace of mind:

Research Extensively

Before clicking “Buy Now”, conduct thorough research on the gas hot water unit you intend to purchase. Gather specifics:

  • Type of gas (natural gas vs. propane vs. butane)
  • Energy rating 
  • Tank capacity
  • Physical dimensions
  • Certifications
  • Warranties

Verify the heater type suits your household’s hot water requirements and space constraints. Read multiple product descriptions and specs thoroughly. Cross check details on the brand’s website for accuracy. Reviews by other verified purchasers also provide insight on real-world functionality and reliability. 

Seek out reputable established brands like Rinnai, Rheem and Bosch that undergo rigorous safety testing. Check for certification by established agencies like CSA Group or UL that set appliance standards. With lower priced generic models, compromises on safety often get made. Investing in quality gives you better peace of mind and years of leak-free hot water. 

Confirm Licensed Installer

DIY installations risk leaks that endanger your home and family if improperly handled. Always defer gas hot water system fitting to licensed professional plumbers experienced with the task. When ordering your unit, keep delivery packaging seals intact. Then book a safety-certified gas fitter to unpack, install and verify appropriate functioning after delivery.

Your qualified technician follows legally mandated test protocols before commissioning your new system:

  • Pressure testing pipes for leakage 
  • Checking combustion chamber seal
  • Assessing flue venting for proper drainage
  • Measuring carbon monoxide output 
  • Verifying safety valves

With their oversight, your internet-ordered gas heater gets correctly configured for safe and efficient operation. Pay the investment for installation expertise rather than risk accidents.

Arrange Post-Sale Service Check

Even new systems encounter defects – smart safety means adding a second professional inspection within a month after your purchase. Schedule a safety-focused maintenance call with a licensed gas heating technician around 4 weeks post-installation.

Ask them to thoroughly assess:

  • All gas connections – tested for leakage
  • Flue piping – checked for detachment  
  • Oxygen sensors – tested for calibration   
  • Water seals – inspected for overflow prevention
  • Pressure relief valves – confirmed for functionality
  • Burner chamber – cleaned and adjusted as needed

This second independent evaluation further reduces chances of potential water or gas leaks. Consider the extra cost worthwhile protection for new gas hot water system purchases made online.

Invest in CO and Gas Detectors

One more layer of protection comes from installing carbon monoxide and natural gas detectors in your home. Position them near the installed water heater unit as well as bedrooms for full coverage. These monitors provide alerts togas combustion product accumulation at levels unsafe for people and pets. Having early detection allows quick action and investigation into possible appliance leaks.


While an internet-ordered gas hot water system purchase promises convenience, you must counterbalance that by prioritizing safety. Thoroughly vett models under consideration through research. Engage licensed professionals for handling equipment installation and follow-up inspections. Protect your family further via home gas and CO monitors. Follow this guidance for securely enjoying years of reliable on-demand hot water from your online-sourced gas water heating solution.

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