Learn details about  New88 casino fish shooting hall

Shoot Fish  New88SG casino is an interesting playground, helping to bring the ultimate entertainment experience to participants. The games here are designed extremely eye-catching, with vivid sound. Follow the article to get more detailed information related to this betting hall.

What is  New88 casino fish shooting?

Fish Shooting is an ocean simulation game with fish swimming in the water. In this game, you will own guns to be able to conquer these preys. Each fish corresponds to a different reward, so bettors must defeat as many fish as possible.

New88 casino fish shooting is a playground that has been on the market for quite a long time and has a solid foothold. This playground provides engaging experience opportunities for participants with an eye-catching design interface. Along with that are diverse game titles for members to experience every day.

Outstanding features of  New88 casino fish shooting

The fish shooting game lobby of  New88 casino is simulated as a miniature blue ocean with countless highlights. Participating bettors all have positive reviews regarding this playground. Highlights that help the playground leave its mark in the hearts of players include:

Join in the fun

If other playgrounds require players to participate alone,  New88 casino has up to 4 people per game. You will be teamed up with 3 other players to participate in conquering the ocean. Players will not feel bored when participating in betting games anymore.

Attractive images

The images presented in this betting hall are carefully censored. That’s why the images are always sharp to ensure the player’s experience. Bettors will be able to participate in a playground with vivid images and attractive sounds.

Huge space

New88 casino fish shooting space is highly appreciated by experts. The tables are not covered with too many features. The fish shooting space on the system is extremely large, helping you easily conquer more fish into your hands.
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Seamless big prize fish

Each fish carries a huge bonus for you to take home. You will conquer these goals so that at the end of each game, the system will start calculating points for you.Seamless This bonus bet is released by the house in large quantities for members to conquer easily.

Support features

In order to help players take down the most fish,  New88 casino also has many different features. You can fully take advantage of all of these features in your betting. Players can buy more weapons and upgrade guns to increase their ability to kill fish.

Current  New88 casino fish shooting games

The  New88 casino playground offers a variety of different fish shooting games for members to participate in. You can find the game you are interested in when visiting this house. Below are fish shooting games that you can participate in on the system.

Fishing 2

First, in this list we need to mention fishing 2 – the legendary game at  New88 casino. This is the main game title of Global Gaming, released a long time ago and still hot until now. The payout rate for each fish is extremely high, receiving huge amounts of money. You only spend from 300 VND/shot to be able to participate in conquering more than 20 different types of fish.

Fishing hunter 2

If you want a sharper version, don’t miss fishing hunter 2. This fish shooting game was released later, so the system has upgraded the interface as well as the number of fish. You will have more fish on the field to conquer.

Fishing hunter

Fishing hunter is a name that has caused a stir in the  New88 casino fish shooting lobby recently. Those who love mystery and difference will not be able to miss this game. Participants need to spend 2,000 VND/shot to participate in killing 20 types of fish here.

Fishing master

This game provides players with many attractive features: automatic shooting, rapid fire,… You will be taken into a vast ocean with fish swimming around beautifully. Players only spend 2,000 VND for 1 shot to conquer this school of fish at  New88 casino.


This is a fish shooting version only available on  New88 casino today. The interface of this game is designed to be eye-catching and lively. You only need 0.1 shot to conquer individual fish here.


The above article has given everyone a better understanding of the lobbyfish shooting  New88 casino. We hope that you can participate in the games at this betting hall. Please access quickly so as not to miss the opportunity to receive attractive rewards.

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