Instructions on how to kick the ball with top spin like Robben

Spinning the ball is a soccer technique that most players know how to do, this is a basic skill in soccer. But once you master this skill, it will be an ultimate weapon that brings high damage. 

This is the forte of some world-class players, they bring great inspiration to football fans. And surely after watching these players play, you will want to immediately learn the spin kicking technique to apply when competing, so don’t miss this article by Game Bài Đổi Thưởng Please.
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What is the spin kick technique?

Spinning the ball, also known as arcing or curling, is an important technique in soccer. The performing player will draw a perfect curve, directing the ball towards the goal. The inside spin kick is very magical and beautiful, so scoring goals in this style will make the fans excited and excited.

There are currently quite a few soccer classes, where they will teach you how to kick the ball in the most detailed way. Or you can still practice at home by understanding the method and opening instructional videos on Youtube to practice along. During practice, concentration and seriousness are required to be able to perform this type of shot fluently.

Application of spin kick in professional competition

Spinning kicking technique will create an unpredictable trajectory of the ball. If the players perform the technique correctly, it will certainly be a dangerous situation. In addition, this technique is also applied in many different situations in the match such as:

  • Used to perform direct free kick situations, making it difficult for goalkeepers to predict the direction of the ball.
  • Used to take indirect free kicks from far or near the goal
  • Used to shoot the ball outside the penalty area.
  • Used to make passes through the slot, or pass over the line.
  • Used to kick a corner kick, sending the ball to a position where a teammate is waiting.

The technique of kicking the ball with strong spin in an arc makes it easier for players to score goals. By practicing this technique hard, we can score many goals and win against all opponents. That’s why Bong88 says this is the ultimate weapon of many players, this is also a technique favored and practiced a lot by many professional players around the world.

Instructions on how to kick a spinning ball effectively

Step 1: how to place the base

When performing a spin kick, it is necessary to pay attention to the movement of the supporting foot (ie the foot not used to kick the ball), placing the toe towards the ball from 120 to 140 degrees. Next, in the process of running and placing the supporting foot, note that the right foot is always parallel to the ball and the distance from the foot to the ball is 20 to 25cm, which is reasonable.

Step 2: how to swing your legs

Once the player has started running and stepping on the base, the player needs to pay attention to the leg swing. The foot making the shot will have to swing from back to front when kicking the ball. At the same time, it must be combined with a forward-leaning posture to create a shot with enough power and send the ball to the desired position.
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Step 3: Shoulder and arm posture

Shoulder and hand posture play an extremely important role in the successful execution of a shot. If you have ever watched professional players perform this technique. Their shoulders will be relaxed, the arm opposite the supporting leg will be swung at shoulder height, and the other arm will be relaxed. Hand and shoulder position will also help increase the power of the spin kick technique.

Step 4: contact point between foot and ball

To create roll and spin for the ball, it is necessary to set the contact point between the foot and the ball appropriately. With this technique you need to use the inside of your foot to make contact with the ball. Depending on the contact position on the ball, you will create different trajectories for the ball:

  • The contact point is at the end of the ball, the ball trajectory will spin.
  • The contact point is in the middle of the ball, the ball trajectory follows the rainbow.
  • The contact point is above the ball, the ball trajectory will spin smoothly.

Note: each contact point on the ball will create a different trajectory, however, when performing, you need to use enough force for each position. But not all contact positions exert the same force. It depends on: distance, ball placement, shot position, to choose the appropriate force and ball contact point.


The above article on how to kick a spin ball is a tool to help you understand this kicking technique. Apply this kicking technique to battles to create beautiful goals!

Through the article on Game Bài Đổi Thưởng shared these football news detailed instructions on how to kick a spin ball. Wishing you success and creating many beautiful goals with this type of shot.

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