How to Play Over/Under to Always Win?

Nowadays, as technology is increasingly developing, Sic Bo is also widely popular and loved by many people. Because of the simplicity of the game rules, anyone can play if you are planning to learn about how to play Sic Bo. Hi88 I will answer so you can understand better.

What are the rules of Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is a game that originated in China and is now popular globally. The rules and how to play Sic Bo are extremely simple and easy to understand. Each table will include 1 betting table and 3 dice. On the betting table there are many categories for you to choose from. In particular, players can choose one of those categories or more.

At the end of the betting time, the dealer will shake three dice in the disc and the top side of the dice will determine the outcome of that bet. If the result matches the answer you just selected, you will be the winner and vice versa. One thing to note that needs to be shared with you is that the doors on the Over/Under table will have different levels of accuracy, some have a low winning rate while others have a high winning rate. If the probability of winning is lower, the payout is extremely large.

What are the items included in playing Sic Bo?

How to play Sic Bo is very simple, you just need to make choices to decide on the correct items and wait within 30 seconds. The important thing you need to pay attention to here is that the specific betting options are:

Over and under betting categories

It’s a simple category that’s easy to play, but on the contrary, the winning rate is very high. Starting the bet before the results are announced you must make a decision to choose over or under. If the score of the 3 dice falls between 11 and 17, the over wins, and when the score falls between 4 and 10, the under wins. Over and under betting is a simple betting category and has the highest winning rate among the betting categories, so when you win you will receive a bonus amount at a ratio of 1: 1, that is, if you bet 500,000 VND, you will will receive 500,000 VND.

Triple betting category

The way to play Over/Under in a triple bet is when the player predicts that the 3 sides of the 3 dice will match. This is a very difficult bet category but the payout rate is extremely high. If you bet on any set of three numbers, the winning ratio will be 1:30, and if you bet on a set of 3 certain numbers, the winning rate will be 1:180 (highest on the under table).

Pair bet category

The way to play Over/Under here is the same as betting on a set of three pair bets but the winning rate is higher. If you think the result will be two identical dice, then choosing a pair bet will win. If you bet on a random pair, you will receive a reward at the ratio of 1:11. If you bet on a specific pair, you will receive a reward of 1:20, and you can bet on multiple pairs in one bet.

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Total betting category

You will predict the total score of the three dice combined. The point range for you to bet on is from 4 to 17. You will choose a random number in that range and predict the result of the bet. The payout rate will be different for each number you predict. If you bet the total score is 4, the payout ratio is 1:60. If you bet the total score is 10, the payout ratio is 1:11.

Number betting category

How to play over/under in the number betting category is as follows: you will choose any number and make a prediction. For example, if you choose the number 3 to bet, if the 3 sides of the dice have 1 side containing 3 points, then you win. One thing to share with you is that the more frequently the selected number appears in the results, the higher the reward rate will be. If it appears once, the reward is 1:1. If it repeats twice, the ratio is 1:2. Similarly, the third time it is 1:3.

Some great tips on how to play unbeaten Sic Bo for new players

Next, I would like to share with you 3 tips for playing Sic Bo to increase your chances of winning and say no to losses:

Must observe the frequency of winning.

Each betting category has a specific winning frequency. The betting door with many wins will often appear the next time and the advice for you is to choose that door as your choice to bet on the next round.

Method of betting on steel over/under

The way to play over/under in steel folding over/under means to maintain a fixed choice of 1 and bet until you win, and the next bet needs to place a bet amount that is double the bet amount of the previous game. With this method, The possibility of losing money is almost zero and when you win you will get back a lot.


Above are specific instructions on how to play Sic Bo for beginners. If you want to change your destiny and master your goals, visit now Hi88 for support and advice.

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