How to Play Mau Binh Super Awesomely with Experts in 2024

How to play Mau Binh is one of the most searched phrases on social networking forums at the present time. Despite possessing extremely simple principles, this masterpiece brings members the most unique experiences. Join Jun88 to immediately explore this top class card game in 2024.

Overview of the Mau Binh card game at Jun88 brand

Mau binh is another name for the game of gray chess and will require from 2 to 4 players to compete together in one game. Each member will receive a total of 13 completely random cards face down. Here, to be able to win requires you to apply all your experience, skills and knowledge throughout the game.

How to play Mau Binh considered by many experts to be a true confrontation between warriors. The member’s task is to arrange their cards into three groups army completely separate. However, you also need to be extremely flexible in each game to have a chance to win first place.

Share how to play Mau Binh correctly at Jun88 system

It is not difficult to assert that Mau Binh is one of the most attractive games on the online entertainment platform. If you are in the process of finding out information about this super product line, you cannot ignore the data below.

Pocket some important terms in how to play Mau Binh

When you visit any table, you will easily notice that the players often use jargon to communicate with each other. Therefore, if you ignore the important information below, you will also lower your chances of winning:

  • Mau Bi: Odd cards, players cannot use them to combine with other armies.
  • Pair: If you hold two cards with the same number and different suit, you will form a complete pair.
  • Beast: Includes a three-card combination with a pair and a trash card.
  • Sam: A member owns three cards of the same number but different suits in any game.
  • Straight: A combination of five valuable cards linked together in an army.
  • Flush: Player owns 5 cards with different numbers but the same suit.
  • Four of a kind: A term used to refer to four cards with the same number.
  • Cu Flood: Members can create a duo with the same group of repentance in the same branch, it will form a Cu Flood combination.
  • Straight of the same suit: Cards with the same suit value and possessing numbers connected to each other will form this combination.
  • Straight box: You hold the straight combination 10 – J – Q – K – A and have the same quality.

Learn in detail about the process of how to play Mau Binh in 2024

After receiving 13 cards in hand, the member will have a period of time to arrange them into a total of 3 hands. You need to remember a formula that, hands 1 and 2 will have 5 cards, the remaining 3 cards are in hand 3. Besides, the combination of the previous hand needs to have a greater value than the remaining hands.
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Finally, the system will consider the value of the cards and find the final winner in a game. If more than one member owns combinations with similar values, then follow How to play Mau Binh, the system will proceed to divide the chickens. Judging by the value of each limb is one of the factors that makes the Mau Binh card game so unique.

How to play Mau Binh with 100% victory at the Jun88 system

Below is some knowledge that you can apply in each of your matches to improve your chances of winning.

The correct method of playing gray scrabble

Many experts say that according to How to play Mau Binh The arrangement of cards will affect 70% of the member’s chance of winning. In addition, if you know how to combine it with sharp observation, the opportunity to win will definitely be within your reach.

Normally, veteran players only need 3 to 5 seconds to know the positions they need to arrange. To do this requires members to make efforts and practice over a long period of time.

How to play Mau Binh completely according to the 3-card shooting strategy

This style of play will require you to arrange combinations with weaker values ​​in front. However, players should only apply it when they own cards that do not have a very high chance of winning. In some rare situations, you also have to accept that you will have to lose heavily.


This article has shared with all of you the most useful information about How to play Mau Binh at Jun88 address. Users should quickly access the website and apply all of the above knowledge to bring the best opportunities to win.

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