How Can I Handle My Thick, Wavy Hair?

Many men are concerned about thin hair and baldness. Of course, it is your pride if you have thick hair covering your scalp. However, men with thick and wavy hair often find it difficult to manage. How will you take care of your wavy, thick hair? Choose the best hairstyles and haircuts to avoid any problems. As wavy hair is versatile, you may try out almost any hairstyle.

Which Haircut is Best for Thick and Wavy Hair?

Wavy hairstyles for guys appear bulky. Weather conditions may affect these hairstyles. If the air has high humidity, your hair will become more pronounced. The presence of additional waves may make the hairs get tangled and knotted. So, let us share some hairstyles that are best for men with thick, wavy hair.

Choose Crew-Cut:

It is a short-style, low-maintenance hair to control waves. If you do not like to maintain your waves regularly, a crew cut is the best choice. The natural look of your hair will make the waves more prominent. Simply apply styling cream to your hair and brush the product through your hair. Men with thick hair can especially choose crew cuts. The side hair will be tapered to make the crew cut. If you want to know about the best haircut in Denver, CO, you can contact a barber.

Mid-Length Waves:

Many men with wavy hair choose wavy mid-length locks. They are a timeless style and make you look smart. To manage the relaxed hairstyling, you can sprinkle a salt spray on your hair. Some barbers recommend using a leave-in conditioner to treat damp hair.

Pompadour Hairstyle:

Pompadour is a striking hairstyle to add volume to your long or medium hair. Wet your hair and let it dry. You have to use a styling cream or soft pomade from the tips to the roots of your hair. Pull your hair strands straight back to the scalp to add volume and height.

Use hairspray for finishing hairstyling. If your hair is thick and heavy, you may use thinning to lower some weight. But, it may result in frizzy hair.

Textured Crop:

If your hair is slightly unruly and messy, you can keep it textured. It is the best way to disguise a rogue growth pattern. A textured crop is a classic haircut, making it a perennial and stylish choice for men with messy hair. The style will keep your hair tidy and neat at the sides and back. You may also combine it with an undercut to have a contemporary touch.

Fringe Hairstyle:

The fringe hairstyle will make your hair appear a bit straighter. You can use a comb or a brush to bring your hair to the front. Some men prefer a messier look and use their fingers to manage this hairstyle. The best fact is that fringes are perfect for any hair length. You may also wrap your hair strands tightly to accentuate the waves.

So, you can now try out these hairstyles if you have wavy, thick hair.

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