Handicap 1 Ball l Discover 3 Tips for Playing Well 2024

Handicap 1 goal is a super popular form of soccer betting, chosen by 99% of players who are passionate about sports betting in general and soccer in particular. We invite you to discover more information about these odds, along with some of the most accurate betting tips shared by New 88.

What is a 1-goal handicap?

Handicap 1 is a popular soccer betting odds in which the team that is rated stronger will handicap the weaker team at a fixed rate of 1 goal. Normally, the house will give a 1-goal handicap in matches in which the playing level of the two sides has a certain difference.

How to read handicap 1

If you intend to participate in finding luck with these odds, then please immediately read and understand the details as follows:

  • In case the favorite team wins with a difference of 1 goal (1 – 0, 3 – 2, 4 – 3,…): So the player gets a refund from the house regardless of which side they bet on.
  • In case the favorite team wins with a difference of 2 goals or more (2 – 0, 3 – 1, 4 – 2, 5 – 3,…): So those who play a handicap of 1 goal and catch the upper team will win. and vice versa.
  • In case the upper team loses to the lower team with any score: At this time, those who bet on the upper team will lose, and the lower team will win in full according to the previously applied bonus ratio.

How to calculate winning/losing money when playing with 1 handicap

To know how much money you win/lose, please refer to the following calculation:

  • If you win enough: Winning amount = Capital spent x Odds, so the higher the odds the house offers, the bigger the bonus.
  • If you lose enough: Loss amount = Initial capital invested.

Some advantages and limitations when betting on 1 goal handicap

Playing 1 handicap always brings many interesting emotions to us, but this type of bet still has certain limitations. Detail:

  • Advantage:
    • Dramatic and brings a feeling of excitement to players, especially if you bet on a 1-goal handicap in large-scale matches.
    • High reward rates can help bettors earn double, even triple the initial capital.
  • Limit:
    • The risk of losing the bet is quite high, especially if the player has no experience analyzing the lineup of the two teams.
    • The 1-ball handicap often appears in big matches and has the participation of many super famous teams, so it can easily make players feel pressured and stressed.

3 tips to help new players with a 1-ball handicap win big

You cannot win a 1-goal handicap if you only rely on luck. Instead, please refer to some of the following great tips:
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Always analyze the match

As mentioned above, the final result of a soccer match often depends less on luck, and is instead influenced by the abilities of the two teams. Therefore, to judge the final score when playing a 1-goal handicap, you need to analyze the match based on many criteria such as:

  • Are there any talented players in both sides’ squads who have a knack for scoring goals?
  • What is the leadership style of each team’s head coach?
  • Confrontation history and leaderboard of the two teams (If any).
  • Are the offensive lineups of both sides supplemented with many valuable strikers?
  • Are there any unexpected changes in the official lineup of the two teams?No, if so, how is the replacement player’s performance?

Time to enter the money when playing a 1-goal handicap

Most people who have been betting on soccer for a long time believe that you should bet in the time frame of 4-5 hours before the match. The reason is because at this time the match information has been updated accurately and completely, changes (If any) rarely happen. Moreover, the selection of bets at this time is usually quite stable so players are not confused.

Apply the strategy of choosing the upper or lower team

With this secret to playing 1-handicap handicap, you should quickly judge the information of each team and place the bet, specifically as follows:

  • Bet on the upper team if: The position on the rankings is far higher than the lower team, the team has many good strikers, plays at home with high achievements.
  • Bet on the underdog team if: The performance of the two teams is not too different, the odds on the published table are decreasing.


The above article is by the author team New88 shared a series of information surrounding the 1-ball handicap and some effective playing tips. If you are planning to try this form of soccer betting, then please refer to it now. We hope you will come up with a reasonable playing strategy and get your dream victory.

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