Experience Super Fish Shooting – Explore the Blue Ocean World

In the current betting market, there are many diverse types of fish shooting games. So have you ever participated in Neu88 super fish shooting? If not, we invite you to learn about this fish shooting game with our house!

New88’s super fish shooting game

Super fish shooting New88’s is a place that will bring you entertainment to special rewards every day. This is a game with a huge search volume, ranking at the top of reward games in 2024.

You only need to have a smart electronic device with a strong internet connection to be able to participate in the goldfish hunting experience at our New88. With extremely attractive payout rates, every shot is an opportunity for you to win valuable rewards.

At the same time, the graphics of the super fish shooting game are very vivid and the sound is realistic. Guaranteed to take you into a wonderful ocean world, where hunting fish becomes more exciting than ever.

We don’t need to know where you participate in fish shooting, but if you are already a member of New88. When you experience super fish shooting, you will receive extremely beneficial gratitude promotions, bet refunds, and capital preservation programs.

Instructions on how to participate in super fish shooting at New88 bookmaker

Conditions for participating in super fish shooting at bookmaker New88 are very simple, you just need to become a player of the house by registering a member account.

  • Step 1: You access our main New88 link via your browser. Do not participate via virtual links to avoid fraud.
  • Step 2: The screen will display two items: account registration and login. If you already have an account, just log in with your information. If not, you must do one more registration step.
  • Step 3: The player’s account registration step will require a username, password, phone number and account authentication code.
  • Step 4: After you have a personal account at New88, go to the fish shooting game lobby.
  • Step 5: Choose the super fish shooting game in the New88 bookmaker game list and start participating.

We have detailed detailed instructions for each step of registering to play the game. Please follow these steps correctly to avoid errors in the smallest of problems.

Some great tips for playing super fish shooting from experts

Super fish shooting will be really easy to win if you know the tips for yourself. New88 understands the feelings of those who are new to the profession. They will certainly be confused and not know how to learn tips on how to play fish shooting here. Below will be the answer for you.

Tips for playing Super Fish Shooter

Many people tend to focus all their attention on big fish, with the desire to shoot big fish to get more money. However, the unique playing tip we want to share with you is to take advantage of every opportunity to defeat the small fish next to the wall first.

Because huge fish are often very difficult to shoot and cost money to reload. Instead, you can shoot small fish on the edge of the wall to accumulate small fish into big ones, which is sometimes more effective than just focusing on big fish.

The small fish in super fish shooting will be very easy to shoot. Brothers, rotate your gun barrel around the fish shooting table, each bullet is an opportunity. You can shoot one bullet at a time, making sure that each bullet will firmly stick to a fish.

Take advantage of small corners and limited spaces to increase your fish shooting performance. This not only helps you save ammo but also increases your chances of receiving many bonus coins.
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Tips for catching fish in schools

In the ocean world there will be single fish, double fish, or fish traveling in groups. To catch a big and valuable catch of fish, you should know how to take advantage of the times when fish appear in groups together.

By continuously using 5-6 bullets to shoot at the center of the school of fish. You can easily collect a large batch of bonuses. This playing tip is applied very effectively by many bettors at New88. It must be said that there is no game as easy to make money as super fish shooting.

Tips for hunting big fish at New88

Big fish will be very difficult to defeat, so you need to carefully prepare your weapons before confronting giant fish. For maximum effectiveness, just see your target appear on the screen. Quickly shoot bullets straight at its body so it doesn’t have time to run and heal.

The faster your shooting speed is, the bigger the bonus you will receive. It will be calculated according to the time speed of defeating the giant fish.

Tips for flexible use of auto shooting mode

The auto fish shooting mode is also beneficial for players, making it more convenient for you when participating in redeeming prizes at super fish shooting. However, its level of accuracy at targeting will definitely not be as good as someone who can manually adjust the gun.

The tip given to you here is to use the automatic shooting feature when entering fish that are not wary of your hunting ability. Then when you reach the middle of the game, quickly use your hands and fire the gun to keep the fish in a passive position. Thus, all it takes is one fatal bullet to kill any fish.

Reasons to participate in super fish shooting at New88

New88 Make sure that this super fish shooting game is currently only available on our bookmaker’s homepage. There are many types of fish shooting, but the fish shooting that brings the most profits is definitely none other than New88.

Those who participate in the game will receive our support from a to z. If you don’t understand anything, you will receive 1:1 tutoring until you understand it completely. Regarding the issue of reputation or not, you don’t need to worry.

Bookmaker New88 has a working system in Cambodia, a famous place with many reputable betting activities. Operating in the market for 7 years, our bookmaker has thousands of loyal bettors.

If you are wondering about the bonus amount, please directly visit New88 to see the member reward rankings each week. The names of the winning bettors will be listed on the leaderboard along with the prize amount.

In addition to the prize money won by players, New88 will also have diverse gifts sent to active players. It can be a monetary reward from 5,000,000 VND to 100,000,000 VND, depending on how often the player participates in the game. Make sure the number returned to your wallet is always above 7 numbers.

As a super fish shooting New88, no game hall can surpass it. It is expected that in mid-2024, this game of ours will not only be famous in Vietnam. Even international bettors can’t leave the screen because the reward system is so attractive and the value is huge.

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